Patta Chitta Download: Step By Step Guide

Patta Chitta word is very common in Tamil Nadu. If you want to sell or buy any land in Tamilnadu. You need the Patta Chitta. It is a government-issued document that tells us about the owner of the land as well as the type of land.

So to buy or sell any land in Tamil Nadu. You must be aware of these terms. Today in this article we will discuss Patta chitta online. We will tell you about Patta Chitta download. So let’s start with the basic introduction of Patta Chitta online. Later on in this article we will know the process of patta chitta download.

Patta is a document that declares the owner of the land. So if you buy any land you must check patta, so that you can confirm the owner and other details.

After buying the land you should transfer Patta from the previous owner to the new owner.

Chitta is also a very important document for land records in Karnataka. It distinguishes the land between Nanjai and Punjai. Land with plenty of water is called Nanjai whereas land with minimum water is called Punjai. It also includes various other details about land. It gives complete details about land. Now let’s see how we can download patta as well as chitta.

How to Download Patta Chitta online?

The online portal of tamil nadu land records facilitates its user to download Patta chitta online. For this you just have to follow some simple steps. These are as follows:

Step. 1

First, visit the official website of the land records department (EServices). You can also visit by just clicking here.

Step. 2

Choose the option, the Patta and FMB, Chitta, or TSLR Extract and then Select area and then area type.

Step. 3

In the next step you have to provide the details of the property. After that you can take a patta chitta certificate from the website itself or you can take it from your taluka.

How to Download Patta Chitta By Name?

You can also do Patta Chitta download by name. There are various options available for downloading Patta Chitta. For this, you just have to go through these steps and you can easily download it online by name.

Step. 1

Visit the official website of Patta. You can also visit the official website by clicking here.

Step. 2

On the step, click on the option view patta and go ahead.

Step. 3

On your next screen you will get a new page and fill it carefully.  You will get the option of viewing patta chitta by survey number or patta number. Choose any and click on submit.

Step. 4

Now you can check your patta or do the patta chitta download.

Patta Chitta Download App

Downloading the Patta Chitta app is very easy. You just have to follow these steps and you can easily download it. (Please note that till now no any official app available for it, but you can download various third party app that provide these services)

Step. 1

First of all visit the Play Store or app store and then search for it.

Step. 2

On the next screen you will get the Patta Chitta app. Just download it.

Step. 3

Now you can use it and do all land-related things in Tamil Nadu.


1. What is Patta Chitta Reference Number?

Patta Chitta reference number available on their extract or land survey document. It can be used to access land details.

2. How can I check my patta chitta?

Checking Patta Chitta is very easy. You just have to visit the official website and follow the steps that we have mentioned earlier in this article.

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