How To Pay E Pauti Land Revenue Payment Odisha

What Is E-Pauti Land Revenue?

Land Revenue Payment Odisha: The broad use of online payment methods by the general public is one step that may be taken toward achieving this objective, as well as toward the more general aim of simplifying the payment and collection systems at RI Offices.

An updated Tenant Ledger is now being developed as the first step in this direction so that residents can fulfill their present and future needs in a timely manner and can pay those demands online.

This will be the first step in this route. This will make the process of payment and collection at the RI Offices open, accountable, and user-friendly for all of the state’s residents.

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How To Pay E Pauti Land Revenue Payment Odisha?

  • On the new screen, carefully enter your information and the captcha code, then click “continue.” You will need to write the tenant’s name, the district, tehsil, and village names, the khata number, the total land area, and the fiscal year that the khajana is due. Also, please give information about applicable water taxes, rent, cess, N cess, etc.
  • Please list the depositor’s full name, relationship to the tenant on file, mailing address, phone number, and email address on the next page. Fill in the blanks, and then click “continue.”
  • When you click this button, you’ll go to a page where you can choose how you want to pay. Some examples are UPI, online banking, and debit cards. Choose the way you want to pay and keep going with the transaction.
  • When the “Proceed” button on the Treasury page is clicked, the “Confirm” page will load. Just click on “Confirm.”
  • After this is done, a Treasury Challan Reference ID will be made. Any future transactions with this document need to use the number on this Treasury Challan Reference. So, putting it away is a good idea.
  • When you click the payment button, the payment portal for your bank will open. If you chose to pay with an online bank account, you would see a screen like the one below.
  • A receipt will be given to show that a payment was made successfully. You should remember this information for later.

What Is The Purpose Of The E-Pauti Odisha Portal?

Odias people can access Bhu Naksha, Bhulekh, and e Pauti Odisha through a government-run website that will go operational in August 2020. Odia residents may now utilize this website to pay land tax bills. The National Informatics Centre in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, designed the website.

The website of the Odisha Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department has a handy interface for paying your land tax online. Landowners in Odisha may make payments electronically through the e-Pauti Odisha platform. People in Odisha may pay their land revenue via the e-Pauti mobile app or the e-Pauti Odisha site from any place at any time.

Payments and monitoring of land transactions in Odisha may be made easier via the e-Pauti Odisha platform. Land tax payments aren’t the only thing that can be done online in Odisha; users can also check their transaction IDs and download and double-check their rent receipts using the e-Pauti Odisha site.

Is There An Offline Alternative To E-Pauti Land Revenue Payment Odisha?

Landowners in Odisha do not have to struggle to make an online payment; they can go to their local Common Service Center.

How To Download Odisha E Pauti Rent Receipt

  • You can get your receipt quickly by clicking the “Download Rent Receipt” button.
  • Please put your Transaction ID here if you have one.
  • Get an electronic copy of your Odisha rental receipt here
  • Next, go to the menu and choose “View.”
  • The rental receipt that was asked for will show up on the screen.

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E-Pauti Odisha Bibaran Required For Land Revenue Payment

  • By checking it twice, please ensure you have all the necessary information before paying a Khatiyan bill.
  • After you have finished reviewing your information and selected “Continue,” you must ensure that you write down both your “Transaction Number” and your “Challan Reference Number.”
  • Following the successful transaction completion, you will be required to jot down your “Bank Transaction Id or Reference Number.”
  • If the payment does not go through, this information will be beneficial to both of us.
  • You can select one of three payment methods when you go to the Treasury’s website.
  • Credit/Debit Card (SBI ePay) Internet Banking ICCI Debit Card

How To Make Land Revenue Payments Offline In Odisha?

Any landowner in Odisha who is required to pay their land tax can do so at any of the state’s Common Service Centers (CSCs).

Odisha E Pauti How To Know Your Transaction Id?

  • Visit the official website here: for further information.
  • Now is the time to click the “Know Your Transaction ID option.” When you click on this link, a new window will open in your browser.
  • Choose the appropriate settings from the pull-down menu, and then input data such as the monetary year, the district, the tehsil, the village, and the khata numbers.
  • The moment has come to choose the “Get” option as your course of action. The website will display both the status of your payment for the land tax and the associated transaction ID.

How To Download & Print E Pauti Odisha Receipt?

  • Visit the website and look for the option “Download Rent Receipt.”
  • Please enter your transaction ID so we can view your purchase details.
  • On the screen, you will see a receipt for your rental fee payment that looks very much like the one displayed below. After downloading it, you can use it in any way you deem appropriate.


Q1. Is there a mobile app for e-Pauti? 

Odisha’s Online Land Revenue Payment Revenue & Disaster Management Department released a mobile app to boost e-accessibility. Pauti’s Landowners in Odisha may utilize the e-Pauti Odisha app. The app allows taxpayers to pay khajana/land tax from any location.

Q2. How many ways can E Pauti Odisha payment be made?

Two ways, online and offline.
e-Pauti Land Revenue Charges
Zero charges.

Q3. Is there any fee to be paid for paying land revenue?

No, there are no charges for paying land revenue.

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