How To Check Land Records Online On Bhulekh Odisha Portal?

What Is Odisha Bhulekh & Land Records

Bhulekh Odisha is the name of the government of Odisha’s online platform for getting land records Odisha. It is also called Odisha Bhulekh. It is the place where land records Odisha are kept. is the website for Bhulekh Odisha

Through the Bhulekh Odisha portal, users can find out about landowners, RORs (Records of Rights), property values, plot numbers, land’s Bhunaksha, and other land records Odisha. Residents of Odisha can now check the status of their property online, thanks to something the state government set up.

You can check the Odisha Bhulekh land records by using the information we will give you today about the Odisha Bhulekh land records. Also, the Odisha Government set up this service because residents of Odisha had to go to the government every time their land needed to be checked and fill out an application.

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Documents Needed To Check The Bhulekh Odisha Plot Details

To see the Bhulekh Odisha Plot Details online, you will need the following documents:

  • Official records of who owns a piece of property
  • Statement of Income
  • Identity proof documentation
  • Lagaan/tax payment receipt Encumbrance Title

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How To View Land Records Odisha (RoR) On The Bhulekh Odisha Website?

  • Go to the Bhulekh Odisha website,
  • On the Odisha Bhulekh home page, select “ROR View.”
  • You can narrow your search for property information in Bhulekh, Odisha, by selecting one of several options.
  • Khatiyan number.
  • Tenant Name.
  • Plot No. Or Location ID

Bhulekh Odisha Plot Details By Tenant Name

Verify the Information Regarding Tenants Using the Official Land Records Odisha

  • Choose the RI circle that corresponds to your district, tahasil, and hamlet.
  • Choose the “Tenant” option.
  • Next, input the tenant’s name and hit the “enter” button to see the information associated with the property record.

Bhulekh Odisha Plot Details By Bhulekh Odisha Khatian Number

Verification by Khatiyan Number for Land Records

  • Choosing your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle.
  • Choose the “Khatiyan” option.
  • You will enter the Khatiyan number to see the history of the property.

Bhulekh Odisha Plot Details By Plot Number

Land Records by Plot

  • Choose the RI circle that corresponds to your district, tahasil, and hamlet.
  • Click the “Plot” button.
  • To access the property details, choose the plot number.

Land deeds and other documents connected to the transaction are important when purchasing or selling a property. In the case that there is a disagreement over who owns the property, this paper might be used as proof of ownership.

How To Download Land Records Odisha From The Bhulekh Odisha(Bhulekh.Ori.Nic.In)?

Following the steps below, Odisha Bhulekh will provide you with the necessary land documents.

  • You can find and access the land record you’re looking for by going to the official website for Bhulekh Odisha.
  • You can select the District, Tahasil, Village, or RI Circle from the “Select Location for ROR” menu by clicking on the button that corresponds to the location you want to use.
  • Select the Khatiyan, Tenant, or Plot option to search the property registry from the drop-down menu.
  • First, make the appropriate selection using the menu, and then finish filling out the forms with the necessary details.
  • When accessing the property records, select either the “RoR Back Page” or the “RoR Front Page.”
  • Once you have created the correct page for the land record, you can store it on your device by clicking the “Print” button.

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How To Check Land Records Odisha Using Plot ULPIN On Bhulekh Odisha?

The scheme to assign a one-of-a-kind number to each parcel of land in Odisha was initiated in March of 2021. (ULPIN). The one-of-a-kind number consists of 14 digits and details the plot, including its dimensions, latitude and longitude coordinates, owner, and the tehsil to which it is assigned. 

There have been three communities in the Deogarh district that have implemented ULPIN thus far. These three places are inside the Deogarh tehsil, and their names are Barkhandia, Kandeijori, and Barakhol. You may find out whether your land has been assigned a special ID using the Search Plot Details option available on the website.

Odisha Bhulekh App Download

You can find out which famous people resemble Bhulekh Odisha by using one of the many apps that are currently available on the market. When using these websites, users should exercise caution because some of the applications found on them may be malicious and designed to steal users’ personal information. 

When you use these services to make a payment, exercise extreme caution because they may store sensitive information such as the number of your credit card, the CVV number associated with that card, or the password to your online banking account.

How to get a copy of the Bhulekh Odisha land record offline?

If you do not wish to use this website, you can obtain a Bhulekh Odisha land record by going to the district revenue office near your home. To apply for an RoR position, you must submit both a written application and an RoR application form that has been correctly filled out. 

Along with the application, you must submit evidence verifying who you are and where you live. An acknowledgment receipt will be dispatched after the office has received the form, along with any supplementary materials that may have been included. 

This will kick off the process of verification, and once it is finished, Bhulekh Odisha will provide you with a copy of the land records Odisha that has been approved for use.

Bhulekh Odisha Contact Information

Talk to the tahsildar or the director of land records v and survey the board of revenue if you have any questions or concerns about land records Odisha. Both of these positions are housed within the board of revenue. 

Another option is available. You can file a complaint to the Department of Taxation and Emergency Management. To get in touch with the Odisha land revenue office, you can call them at (671 250 9582) or email them at (

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