Land Mutation Odisha | How Can I Apply For Land E-Mutation Odisha?

Land Mutation Odisha

The owner of a piece of property in Odisha can be changed through a process known as “mutation,” which involves adding the new owner’s name to the Record of Rights. The Orissa Mutation Manual, published in 1962, instructs people on renaming their property in Orissa. 

The property or land must be altered in some way in all real estate transactions. When a mutation occurs, the owner gains ownership of the property, and the revenue record (ROR) and mutation Odisha registry are updated to reflect who owns the property. This comprehensive article explains how to apply for a property change in Odisha.

What Are The 2 Types Of Mutation?

The second type of “non-farm land,” as opposed to “agricultural land,” is used for non-farm purposes such as apartment buildings, residential lots, warehouses, and other non-farm uses. In the first case, a mutation Odisha is required before the land can be transferred to a new owner. Even if the law does not require it, doing so in the second case is a good idea to protect your ownership rights and ensure the sale of your asset goes smoothly.

What Is The Minimum Requirement For Mutation?

  • A full copy of the agreement to sell.
  • A request for a change with the right stamp on it
  • Prepare an affidavit and an indemnification bond on stamp paper that is good for this.
  • All of the taxes on the house have been paid.

What Is The Benefit Of Mutation Of Property?

Changing the property’s name to indicate that it now belongs to someone else is evidence that they possess it. You may also use the app to sign up for services such as water and electricity. 

According to the Supreme Court, a mutation Odisha does not confer property rights on a person. According to the Supreme Court, the sole justification to alter the owner of a property in the revenue records is to pay property tax. You should keep your e-Mutation since you will need evidence if you ever want to sell your house.

What Are 3 Examples Of Mutations?

  • To apply for a mutation Odisha of the property after purchasing real estate, you’ll need to submit the following documents: a copy of the sale deed along with an application for Mutation of property with the court fee stamp of Rs 3, an indemnity bond on Rs 100 stamp paper. Along with that, an affidavit on Rs 10 stamp paper is required. The most recent property tax clearance papers.
  • If a property owner passes away, their heirs may change the deed. A death certificate of the person, a copy of the will be written by the deceased. An indemnity bond on Rs 100 stamp paper, a notarized affidavit written on Rs 10 stamp paper, and the most up-to-date documentation of property tax clearance are all required in this case.
  • A copy of the power of attorney documents, an affidavit on Rs 10 stamp paper, In India, a power of attorney must be accompanied by a copy of the will, an indemnity bond on Rs 100 stamp paper, proof of payment of the most recent property tax, and an application with a Rs 3 court fee stamp.

What Are Mutation Documents?

If there is a real estate sale, the following paperwork must be completed to effect a mutation:

  • Applicants’ Aadhar cards
  • Subsidy voucher.
  • Tax receipt for the purchase of the real estate.
  • The correct face price for stamp paper.
  • Expression of intent to sell.
  • Document for Transfer of Title
  • I filled out this land alteration form.

When a Titleholder or legal owner passes away, the following paperwork must be submitted to the county recorder’s office to complete the property mutation.

  • Evidence of Postal Money Order’s Authenticity Death Certificate of Title Holder
  • The Succession Document copy must be notarized.
  • The trustee has confirmed the will
  • Authorization Letter Template
  • Title Assignment Documents.
  • Transfer of Title Documents
  • The National Identification Card is also known by its Indian name, Aadhar Card.
  • All supplementary documentation as required by the relevant authority.

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How Can I Apply For Land E-Mutation Odisha?

  • Click on the “Land Record Services” link.

  • To learn more, visit
  • Click the “Apply for Mutation” button to proceed.

  • When asked, provide your name, your father’s name, and your present address. A valid PIN and a proper mobile phone number are required by the program. Your phone number will get an SMS message.

  • If your address will change for the rest of your life, enter it here. If you like, you may choose Same as Current Address.
  • Then, for the location, provide the Tahasil, village, Khata, Plot, and Area numbers and sizes.
  • Then, on the Send button, click.

  • Your Application Number is critical for any future talks with Tahasil.
  • Then Please attach any necessary papers, such as a Registered Sale Deed, an Interim Deed, and so forth.
  • There is now a cost that must be paid. You may use the internet to pay using a debit card, a credit card, or your bank account.

  • Check your balance and then click “Make Payment.” Click on this link to access the Odisha Treasury Portal. To make the payment, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • When your payment is accepted, you will get an Acknowledgement-cum-Payment Receipt. Though you make a payment but do not get a confirmation email, even if the funds were deducted from your account, you may check your status on the portal by entering the Transaction Id you were provided. A receipt may be generated using the Transaction Id.

How Can I Check My Land Mutation Online In Odisha?

  • Visit to start the registration process. by giving some basic information about yourself in the fields that ask for it.
  • After registering successfully, you will get a confirmation SMS with your login information and be taken to a success page.
  • You can see information about your account by clicking “Login” in the menu bar at the top and then entering your username and password when asked by the “e-Mutation Applicant” button.
  • Now, you can fill in information about the applicant, the property, and the registered lease deed.
  • When you’re done, click “Submit” and print the form to take to the facility center to be signed.
  • Now You can change your profile picture by going to the sidebar and clicking My Profile. Please upload a scanned photo that is the size of a passport here.
  • After you’ve uploaded a new photo, check your registration information again and make any necessary changes.

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How Do I Get A Mutation Certificate?

  • The buyer will get the property from the seller, who will give it to the Tahasildar, who is in charge of collecting taxes. Once the record keeper gets the application number, they will send the buyer a mutation Odisha order and change the information about the property in the e-mutation register and the current ROR.
  • Every five years, or more often, if the Collector decides after looking at the ROR, a new record of rights (ROR) must be made.
  • All taxes for the new ROR must be paid to the right office in the new owner’s name.

How Do You Calculate Mutation Rate?

Nature of land or buildingAnnual Value (AV) of the land or buildingCategory of the Municipal Corporation / Municipality / NAARate of service chargesCategory of the Municipality / NAARate of service charges
ResidentialUpto Rs.5000.00A/B/C15% of AVD/E10% of AV
ResidentialMore than Rs.5000.00A/B/C20% of AVD/E15% of AV

What Is The Law Of Mutation?

The title of a property is said to have “mutated” when an entry in the municipal corporation’s tax rolls shows a transfer or change of ownership. A change in title ownership may result from the original owner’s death, followed by a transfer of ownership via inheritance or succession. An irreversible power of attorney might be used to transfer ownership of leased property.

To convert a leasehold property to a freehold property, a sale document, a conversion premium, and an irrevocable power of attorney are necessary. Once granted freehold status, the parcel may be sold, acquired, or altered in any manner. Assessing the accompanying taxes demands a e-mutation when property ownership changes.

What Happens After A Mutation?

After a property is sold or transferred to a new owner, the new owner must go through a procedure known as “mutation,” also known as “Dakhil Kharij,” to register the change in the title of ownership. When a e-mutation is performed, the land revenue office is notified. This assists the government in determining the property’s tax status.

Is Mutation Temporary Or Permanent?

A “land mutation Odisha” occurs when the current owner of a piece of land sells or transfers ownership to a new owner. This document indicates that the buyer was lawfully granted a license for the property. If you are in the process of purchasing a home and discover a flaw, you can cancel the transaction. Here’s what you need to do to reclaim your Mutation:

If you go to your local municipal, they will cancel the property change for you. To obtain a permit, you must complete an application and submit it to the city government along with a letter explaining why you require one.

How Is Mutation Testing Done?

The first step is to submit a mutation Odisha application with the local Tehsildar, accompanied with the appropriate non-judicial stamp paper. All of the documentation listed above must also be presented.

Following that, an announcement is issued in which the public is asked what they think about the proposed change and given a certain amount of time to comment.

Similarly, the parties’ declarations are written down and compared to the text of the documents submitted to check for discrepancies. All objections and conflicts must be addressed before the proposed modification may be authorized.

When a complaint or difference is received or discovered, it is sent to the local Revenue Assistant, who records the information. Those dissatisfied with the order have 30 days from the date of issuance to submit an appeal to the Additional Collector (the relevant Deputy Commissioner).

Can A Mutation Be Cancelled?

When the current owner of a property sells their share to a new investor, this is referred to as a mutation. This certificate verifies that the property was legally transferred to the buyer. If you discover a flaw in a property after most of the paperwork has been completed, you can cancel the transaction. Here are the steps you must take to cancel a land mutation Odisha.

You can change your mind about the property change by going to your city hall. You must complete an application form and submit it to the appropriate local government agency and explain why you want to do this.

How Many Mutations Can You Have?

Property owners should understand that e-mutation entries may only be used as evidence of possession, not ownership. India’s top court has declared this several times in its judgments.

Why Is Mutation Of Land Important?

The buyer must notify the government’s land revenue department that they have purchased the property. This includes signing the sale paperwork. A new property change certificate should be obtained every six months to check for fraudulent sales or mortgages.

The asset must change regardless of how ownership changes—whether through a sale, a purchase, a gift, an inheritance, or a Power of Attorney. The asset is officially recorded in government databases under the owner’s name at the end of the e-mutation process. The government may then levy a property tax, which varies by state.


Q1. Who Is Mutation Officer In Odisha?

Within his jurisdiction, the Revenue-officer (Tahasildar) can issue orders regarding the land under his purview.

Q2. What Is A Mutation Fee?

It is the charges and taxes for mutation checking.

Q3. What Are Mutation And Porcha?

The phrase “rights records” translates into Spanish as “Porcha.” The ROR document includes Moja, a JL number, a CS/RS dag number, and a khatiyan number. If the property has been updated, the Porcha can now be obtained from the BLRO office. If there have been no changes to the property, nothing will be updated on the Porcha.

Q4. Where Can I Get Mutation Form?

You can get it from the Sub-register office as well as the official website:

Q5. Is Mutation A Proof Of Ownership?

Despite its lack of legal force, a property’s Mutation is still required because it serves as proof of ownership and can be used as a tax record.

Q6. Are Mutation And Khatian the Same?

When the title to a piece of property changes hands, the new owner’s name is “Mutation” into the Khatiyan (Record of Rights) in place of the old one. If you want to prove ownership of anything, you must apply for Mutation.

Q7. How Many Days Will It Take To Get Patta In Odisha?

According to reports, even if more than one person owns the land in question, the verification process for giving a land patta to an applicant will take ten days out of a total of 90 days. For the RI in charge, it will take 30 days to do a random inspection. 

According to the Tehsildar, the final order will be given in five days. The person who keeps the records will need ten days to make the necessary changes. Even though the appeals process takes 30 days, the applicant only has to wait for five to get their data.

Q8. What Is Mutation In Land?

Mutation means that the property’s title has been transferred or changed in the records of the local government. A property mutation is an entry in the revenue records of the local municipal corporation that shows that the title has been transferred or changed.

Q9. Which Mutation Is Most Common?

Non-Agricultural Lands mutation is the most common.

Q10. What Is BLRO Mutation?

A Certificate of Information from the LA Collectorate and a Certified Extract from the register of rights (Porcha) or a JLRO/BLRO Mutation (Junior Land Revenue Office/Block Land Revenue Office) are the only documents required to sell land.

Q11. Is Mutation And Sale Deed Same?

After the property is sold to a new owner, the title must be changed in the city’s public records. This is called “mutation.” After the sale deed is signed, the property changes hands.

Q12. Can We Sell Land Without Patta In Odisha?

Patta isn’t required for land registration. If you have a sale deed or parent document proving that you are the legal owner of the land. You can register it without a patta.

Q13. Can Mutation Be Challenged?

If you file a lawsuit against the order or Mutation within 30 days of the order or Mutation, the court will hear your case. If you don’t agree with a mutation entry, you can issue a complaint with the local Revenue Assistant. They will take whatever legal steps are needed to look into your problem and find a solution.

Q14. Can Mutation Occur Anytime?

After a land mutation, it takes a month for the official records to show that the land has changed hands.

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